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Thank God I’ve scored off free kicks, which I didn’t some years ago. I set my mind to improving that aspect of my game and l’m doing so little by little. I always stay and practice after training.
Lionel Messi
I tried to play as I know, playing my game. I am very happy that I played, I felt very comfortable on the pitch, despite it being El Clasico.
Martin Montoya
With Real Madrid, well we know each other well, so that leads to very tight games.
Lionel Messi
We are not theater people. I believe that people see this already, and if we are it is because they kick us.
Martin Montoya
If anybody feels offended it’s because the truth hurts. I just said what truly happened during the game.
I’m not theatrical in any way, and neither are the other guys. These comments hurt because they are a personal attack.
Andrés Iniesta
Of course I am affected by what he [Pepe] said. Every person is entitled to have an opinion and say that a certain action was a penalty. However, it cannot go any further than that. There are boundaries. If a player speaks about you and your teammates like this, you feel offended.
Andrés Iniesta (The attacking midfielder feels that Real Madrid’s Pepe crossed a line when he accused the Barcelona players of diving and acting in the wake of Sunday’s 2-2 Clasico draw)
Valdés has been great.
Iker Casillas
We could win playing with ten.
Valdes would be a superb goalkeeper if it wasn’t for those 3-4 gaffs he makes every season which stick in people’s minds.
Thomas Boschat (Guardian)
Gotta love Ramos. Sold by the cutback, clearly didn’t touch the ball, and got Iniesta’s ankle caught between his legs. Hands straight up in the air in a ‘Wasnt me, he must’ve dived, guv’ stylee. The shamelessness of football knows no bounds.
Matt Dony (Guardian)
The press should attack me or or the older players instead of Thiago or Tello, who played a phenomenal game against Madrid.
Pep Guardiola
You can’t compare the loss against Real Madrid to the defeat versus Chelsea. There were hardly any serious chances against Madrid, because the simple things went wrong.
Johan Cruyff
Sometimes you need to slip up in order to pick yourself up and I am sure that this team will be up there again.
Carles Puyol