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Not everything is money. Emotions should move us, feeling. Winning the European Championship has made people optimistic.
Vicente del Bosque
The technical standard [of Euro 2012] was very high, just as high as the World Cup. And all that was missing were teams like Brazil and Argentina.
The Spanish are going to finish with the game at this rate. They really are the best side.
Football has been changing. I think Spain did a great job without a No.9. I know Del Bosque very well. I had him as a coach at Real Madrid, and he always played me as a pure No.9.
Ronaldo (Brazil legend)
In Germany, there was an argument about whether Miroslav Klose or Mario Gomez should play. In Italy, Mario Balotelli’s place was questioned, but then he became the hero. Those arguments should be underestimated.
Vicente del Bosque (The 61-year-old silenced the critics of his strikerless system with the team’s impressive display in the final, and he revealed that he did not pay much attention to such comments)
Of course I had doubts. It is the small details that decide things. Bruno Alves’ penalty hit the crossbar, and Fàbregas’ penalty went in off the post. So we were lucky. But I never had any major doubts about my team’s quality.
Vicente del Bosque
You can see the wealth of talent in the Olympics team. And in the current first team, players like Cesc Fàbregas and Santi Cazorla need to wait to take up a bigger role.
Vicente del Bosque
Those players (Spain NT) are irreplaceable. Without them, there would be no treble. But I am sure that there are players who can take their places due to our excellent youth work.
Vicente del Bosque
Spain are a legendary team because of the way they play and the titles they’ve won. However, it would go too far to say that they’re the best team ever.
Gerrie Muhren (Former Ajax midfielder)
Brazil of 1970 were just Brazil of 1970, but Spain was European champions, then world champions, the again in Europe, and I think that they should get credit for giving continuity to a team that has a coach with a defined style which their opponents cannot figure out.
Jorge Valdano (Former Real Madrid director general)
I hope Xavi or Iker Casillas get it, because they have less time left to win it than Andrés Iniesta.
Toni Grande (Spain assistant coach)
Jordi Alba is an important player for the team. Fabio Capello asked me where we had found this kid.
Toni Grande (Spain assistant coach)
I was sure that once Ronaldo was out of the Euros, the title we wanted was ours. He was our enemy on the pitch, although he’s also our team-mate.
Raúl Albiol
The Ballon d’Or? This is something that I do not decide. The only thing that I am worried about is to play well and make the fans happy.
Andrés Iniesta
This is even better because we were champions. I had very good feelings prior to the tournament, but I never thought about being the best player.
Andrés Iniesta