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Gotta love Ramos. Sold by the cutback, clearly didn’t touch the ball, and got Iniesta’s ankle caught between his legs. Hands straight up in the air in a ‘Wasnt me, he must’ve dived, guv’ stylee. The shamelessness of football knows no bounds.
Matt Dony (Guardian)
I know Sergio and I knew he would take one. I said to myself: ‘What is this boy doing?’ I didn’t want him to take one.
Paqui (Sergio Ramos’ mother)
When Sergio Ramos, a central defender, chipped his penalty over the keeper like Italian Andrea Pirlo it was an unbelievable moment.
Alan Hansen (BBC Sport)

Spain: Xabi Alonso (missed), Andrés Iniesta, Gerard Piqué, Sergio Ramos, Cesc Fàbregas

Portugal: Joao Moutinho (missed), Pepe, Luis Nani, Bruno Alves (missed), —

If the Real players [Xabi Alonso and Sergio Ramos] are told to go strong into a challenge on Ronaldo, they will go strong. These aren’t club clashes but national team clashes. It is a different story altogether.
Sergio Busquets
We played against a great Italy side that came to attack us, to press us, and they have players who can make the difference. They are going to be an important team.
Sergio Ramos
[Spain] went from strength to strength. We found the game complicated at first, but in the second half we created more space and improved in front of goal. When it comes to these kind of moments, we are professionals and have to shake off [any off-field issues].
Sergio Ramos
In this game you can’t live in the past because football has a very short memory and you have something to prove every day. My personal goal from the time I get up is to improve every year, keep on winning trophies and set myself personal targets.
Sergio Ramos
I’d love to keep on improving and set new challenges. The Champions League is the one I dream about because I’ve yet to win it.
Sergio Ramos
If you’re talking numbers there are two players head and shoulders above the rest. “Cris” [Ronaldo] and Messi will always be in contention because the stats speak for themselves. I think this season Ronaldo just edges it because he’s been more decisive.
Sergio Ramos
I’ve been lucky enough to win the World Cup and European Championship playing right-back, by maybe this is a new phase that began at the beginning of the year with the gaffer has preferring me to play in central defence. I’m so proud of playing in that position.
Sergio Ramos
It’s the worst bit of news in these championships because Puyol is a talisman for both Spain and Barcelona. It’s a real shame after so much sacrifice and work he had put in during training and throughout the whole year; it’s terrible that Spain can’t count on him in the Euros.
Sergio Ramos
At the start you never know which sides will be stronger, it depends on the moment and the fitness levels of all the players joining their squads. Despite their tough group, I think Portugal might be a good bet.
Sergio Ramos
We have to maintain our philosophy and keep to the same dynamic we have followed over the past few years. That’s what will make us strong at Euro 2012.
Sergio Ramos
After you win the European Championship and the world Cup the media and other national teams normally dub you as favourites, but being down-to-earth and hard-working has been key to our success and made us champions.
Sergio Ramos